About Us

We are an exclusive hairdresser for children, carefully designed to transform into fun the experience of a haircut, through car-couches, didactic toys, movies, series and videos games, we also have a fun park where you can play before and after your haircut.


To provide quality services in the area of hairdressing and children's aesthetics, to children between 0 - 14 years of age. Bringing multiple ideas of image and beauty, marking style and exclusivity in each client, enhancing and strengthening in this way their self-esteem, generating security and confidence, by desingning hair cuts and hairstyles, marking them feel comfortable in relation to their personal presentation, with the attention of our qualified staff and all while having fun.


To achieve the satisfaction of children and parents, fulfilling their porposals of image and style always at the forefront of fashion, being instruments and guides for this purpose.


To consolidate ourselves as the first choice of children's, hairdressing and aesthetics in the City Doral, as well as the prompt opening of franchises to cover demand throughout South Florida.